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G Pen Hyer

G Pen Hyer Description

The Hyer from the team over at Grenco Science is a portable and flexible vaporizer for concentrates and dry herbs (when using the optional dry herb tank). With a hefty 6000mAh battery, USB-C charging, and rapid heating, the Hyer packs plenty of punch to make the most of your material through your favorite water piece. You can even load up the Hyer and take it on the move using the included and surprisingly well-made hemp travel case, making it an excellent choice for group sessions with friends.

G Pen Hyer Features & Traits


What Comes with the G Pen Hyer?

  • G Pen Hyer Battery/Control Unit
  • G Pen Hyer Quarts Tank for Concentrates
  • Tank to Control/Battery Unit Connection Cable
  • G Pen Hyer Concentrates Tank Cup
  • G Pen Hyer Tank Housing
  • 14mm Male Glass Adapter
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Stainless Steel Wax Tool
  • Hemp Travel Case

G Pen Hyer Pricing

Below are approximate prices for the G Pen Hyer in various different currencies. These numbers are based on the average market rate for the device and are updated as regularly as possible.

United States Flag

$250 USD

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$386 AUD

European Flag

€234 EUR

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$343 CAD

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$420 NZD

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£200 GBP

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G Pen Hyer Specifications

Find out what you can expect if you decide to pick up the G Pen Hyer


Grenco Science

Heating Type


Charge Time

2.5 - 3 hours

Temperature Range

180°C - 220°C (356°F - 428°F)

Power Adjustment

Digital Control - 5 Stage Modular

Charge Connector


Battery Capacity


Display Type

LED Light User Interface

Haptic Feedback


Heating Element

Stainless Steel

Chamber Capacity


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G Pen Hyer FAQs

Does the G Pen Hyer support dry herbs?

Yes, but not out of the box. An optional Hyer Dry Herb Tank is required to be purchased separately to use the Hyer with dry herbs.

How do you turn on the G Pen Hyer?

To turn the Hyer on or off, press the square button on the control unit five times rapidly.

How do you tell if the G Pen Hyer is fully charged?

While charging, the display LEDs will all be illuminated when the Hyer is fully charged. It takes up to 3 hours to completely charge the Hyer.

What types of water pieces can be used with the G Pen Hyer?

Anything that supports 14mm will work just fine. However, for pieces that require 10mm or 18mm optional adapters are also available.

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G Pen Hyer Cleaning Guide

To maintain the optimal performance of your G Pen Hyer, regular cleaning is recommended. Follow these steps to ensure a clean and enjoyable experience with your device. Please note that the following cleaning directions apply to both the quartz chamber and the optional dry herb tank.

Note: For the best experience, it is recommended to swab the quartz chamber or dry herb tank between each use, once they have cooled down. This will help maintain cleanliness and reduce the need for deeper cleaning.

  1. Wait for Cooling: Ensure that the unit has completely cooled down after the last use. Remove the cap and unscrew the tank to begin separating the device.

  2. Detach the Water Piece Adapter: Gently pull the water piece adapter to detach it from the device. Remove the o-rings from the adapter as well.

  3. Clean with Isopropyl Alcohol: Thoroughly swab or wipe down the tank, water piece adapter, o-rings, top cap, and any other areas where residue may have accumulated, using isopropyl alcohol. This will help remove any buildup and ensure a clean surface.

  4. Allow for Drying: Once you have cleaned all the components, allow them to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Ensure that all surfaces are free from moisture.

  5. Reassemble the Device: Screw the tank back into the unit. Replace the o-rings on the water piece adapter. Carefully put the unit back together, ensuring all parts are securely attached.

  6. Evaporate Residual Alcohol: Set the G Pen Hyer to the highest heat setting and run it empty for a few minutes. This will help evaporate any residual alcohol and ensure that the device is ready for regular use.

Following these cleaning steps will help maintain the cleanliness and performance of your G Pen Hyer, providing you with consistent and enjoyable sessions.

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