Stache E-Nail

Stache E-Nail

Stache E-Nail Description

The E-Nail from Stache (creator of the well-known RiO) is a digitally controlled heating device that can deliver powerful results when paired with your favorite concentrates and a rig or bubbler. It comes with a convenient 14mm nail making it easy to find something to pair it with or a suitable adapter.

Stache E-Nail Features & Traits


What Comes with the Stache E-Nail?

  • Male Quartz Nail (14mm)
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • Heater Coil
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case

Stache E-Nail Specifications

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Temperature Range


Stache E-Nail Prices

Below are approximate prices for the Stache E-Nail in various different currencies. These numbers are based on the average market rate for the device and are updated as regularly as possible.

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$190 USD

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$307 AUD

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€190 EUR

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$280 CAD

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$329 NZD

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£167 GBP

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