Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizers

Exquisite Handcrafted Vaporizers from a Renowned Brand

The most popular wooden analog vaporizers on the market are built by the team at Sticky Brick Labs.
Sticky Brick Flip Brick

Sticky Brick Flip Brick

Sticky Brick Labs

Lower priced member of the Sticky Brick range

Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky Brick Labs

Portable vaporizer with no batteries required

Sticky Brick Maxx

Sticky Brick Maxx

Sticky Brick Labs

Everything you need for a full Sticky Brick experience

Sticky Brick OG Brick

Sticky Brick OG Brick

Sticky Brick Labs

Classic Sticky Brick experience

Sticky Brick Runt

Sticky Brick Runt

Sticky Brick Labs

One of the most popular devices from Sticky Brick


Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers, known for their handcrafted designs and efficient performance, have carved a niche in the vaporizing scene. These vaporizers stand out for their unique use of hardwood construction and their butane-powered heating system, offering a distinct vaping experience.

The Artistry of Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Sticky Brick Labs has made a significant impact since its inception, with a focus on crafting vaporizers that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Each vaporizer features a distinct hardwood finish, ranging from classic Maple to exotic Purple Heart, ensuring durability and an elegant appearance. The high-quality glass components used in these vaporizers are notable for their ability to preserve the purity and flavor of the vapor.

Performance and Cloud Production

A key attribute of Sticky Brick vaporizers is their ability to produce substantial vapor clouds. They are designed for efficient and versatile performance, with a manual heating system that allows for quick and even heating of herbs. This design ensures potent and flavorful vapor, with some users noting a unique flavor enhancement due to the wooden construction.

Convenience and Portability

Sticky Brick Labs offers a range of models to suit different preferences. The Sticky Brick JR, for instance, is praised for its portability and potent performance in a compact size. While it's not designed for stealth due to the audible torch and size, it is easily concealable and transportable, making it a great option for on-the-go use.

Unique Heating Mechanism

These vaporizers utilize a butane torch as their heating source, providing instant on-demand heat. This allows for quick sessions and the flexibility to break down bowls into multiple sessions. The design requires stirring between draws to ensure even vaporization of the herbs.

Vapor Quality

Sticky Brick vaporizers are known for their excellent vapor quality. The Original Sticky Brick, for example, tends to produce cooler, smoother vapor due to its larger size, while the JR model is known for producing denser clouds. Both models offer top-notch vapor quality, with a slight variation in the temperature and density of the vapor.

Maintenance and Longevity

Maintenance of these vaporizers is straightforward, involving regular brushing of the bowl and screen cleaning. The wooden construction does not require soaking in ISO alcohol, and occasional cleaning of the glass components is sufficient to maintain optimal performance. Sticky Brick Labs provides a lifetime warranty on the wood body and a 15-day warranty on the glass pieces.

Conclusion: A Unique Vaping Experience

Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers offer a unique combination of artistry, durability, and performance. Their handcrafted design, efficient butane heating, and impressive vapor quality make them a popular choice for those seeking a distinct and potent vaping experience.

FAQs on Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizers

How do Sticky Brick vaporizers work?
Sticky Brick vaporizers use a butane torch for heating, providing quick and on-demand vaporization. This allows for fast heat-up times and efficient extraction of flavors from herbs.

Are Sticky Brick vaporizers portable?
Yes, models like the Sticky Brick JR are designed for portability, offering a compact size suitable for on-the-go use. However, they are not the most stealthy due to the sound of the torch.

How do I maintain my Sticky Brick vaporizer?
Maintenance is simple: regular brushing of the bowl and screen cleaning is sufficient. The wooden parts should not be soaked in ISO alcohol to avoid damage.