Dynavap M+ Review

Dynavap M+

2 April 2023   •   9 min read

The M+ from Dynavap pivots quite a bit from previous “M” models, but does it do enough to stand out?

Dynavap M+ Highlights

  • Completely redesigned finless tip
  • “Pyramid Pivot Point” for very tactile twirling
  • 15% larger capacity than previous “M” models
  • Adjustable bowl size
  • Textured stem

What is the Dynavap M+?

The Dynavap M+ is the latest in the “M” series of portable analog vaporizers from the team over at Dynavap. It’s a battery-free vaporizer that can fit into the slimmest of pockets and is powered typically with a torch or induction heater.

While previously Dynavap had released yearly variants of the “M”, the last was in 2021, with a shift towards focusing on new releases like the “B”, released in late 2022. The M+ takes this a little further and feels more like a pivot than just the usual refresh we’ve seen in previous years.

Dynavap M+ in retail packaging

Exploring the Redesigned Dynavap M+ Tip

When diving into the M+, it seemed like a good idea to investigate the new “heating spots”, also called the “heat here hemispheres”, which are the circular indents towards the bottom of the tip. Unfortunately, going at them with a single flame torch with some gentle twirling resulted in a pretty negative first impression; it was both unpleasantly hot and resulted in something extremely close to combustion. If you plan to use these, a triple flame torch with a bit of distance is likely your best bet.

However, once you start treating it more like a typical Dynavap vaporizer, things suddenly become much more enjoyable. Some of the changes to the tip have made it thinner and reduced heat transfer to the stem by minimizing metal-on-metal contact, which is surprisingly noticeable. Furthermore, when isolating the tip and shifting it to another familiar build, these effects are even more apparent, even when paired with more aggressive add-ons like the armored cap, which surprisingly plays quite nicely with this newly redesigned tip.

The design feels like a significant shift away from the previous M and even Omni tips, yet it feels like more of an evolution of the B tip. Performance is undoubtedly excellent, if not their best yet, but if there’s one thing that lets this tip design down a little, it’s the gap between the caps digger and the tip itself. While this gap feels like a petty thing to pick at, it just does something that can be best described as aesthetically awkward and is kinda hard to ignore; perhaps this is just familiarity with the earlier designs, personal preference, or maybe it’s an oversight due to an increased focus on performance or general shifting of priorities in some way. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but something about it feels like it missed the mark slightly.

The adjustable bowl is here again in this new tip, enabling a full and half-bowl position. This feature is well implemented with the M+, and given the slightly bigger bowl size, it makes the half bowl setting somewhat more appealing. Some previous Dynavap tips have been a little fiddly to get the screen to slot correctly into the half position, but it took minimal effort and didn’t feel too fiddly at all with the M+ tip, which was very much welcome.

Overall the tip is legitimately good, and while it feels like it could use a little more charm in some regards, from a functionality standpoint, it’s excellent.

Dynavap M+ with tip visible

How much does the Dynavap M+ Cost?

You can find the Dynavap M+ for around $89 USD, on average, only $10 more than the 2021 “M” or now referred to more casually by Dynavap as just the “M” displaying the move away from yearly iterations towards a more apparent focus on independent product launches.

The M series has always been fantastic from a price-to-performance standpoint and are constantly recommended as a reasonably priced entry-level vaporizer. The M+ is no different, with its price point only slightly higher. In short, the price is quite reasonable. Furthermore, given that Dynavap now offers a more budget-friendly option in the B, the M series of devices comfortably settles into a midrange position.

Is the Dynavap M+ Well Built?

The build quality of the M+ is quite good. A new textured design wraps the stem and has an intriguing bark-like feel. Additionally, the new “Pyramid Pivot Point” opposite the now square airport makes twirling and just general fiddling rather satisfying; it’s a nice touch.

The specific unit we tested did have some tiny sharp burrs in a couple of places on the tip and in the texture of the stem, but these were relatively minor, and rubbing against some fabric was enough to remove them. Whether this is common or not is hard to say, but even if that’s the case, it’s not overly concerning, the tolerances look great, and the quality is there. It just seems like the final QA pass could be slightly improved to avoid these kinds of things slipping through.

Dynavaps are manufactured in the USA and are made from quality materials. So overall, the M+ is indeed well built. So you should have no problems in this regard. No significant issues were discovered during our testing, and the device performs consistently as expected once you are familiar with it.

Dynavap M+

Can you use the Dynavap M+ with a Water Pipe?

The M+ can be dropped directly into a 10mm water piece; alternatively, for other sizes (e.g. 14 and 18mm), an inexpensive adapter can easily be sourced. Performance through water is excellent, and the thermal changes to the tip make for a slightly more aggressive extraction with the stock device than was possible with the 2021 M. If you have some glass on hand, it’s certainly worth a try and adds some additional versatility to the device right out of the box which is always nice.

Is the Dynavap M+ Portable?

Only a few vaporizers are even close to being as portable as a Dynavap. These devices can be slipped into the smallest of pockets, and carrying them around is no problem at all. If anything, the torch or induction heater you’ll be using to heat your Dynavap M+ will be the much bigger consideration when it comes to portability, as the physical footprint of the M+ is just so negligible, which in terms of portability is a great thing!

Is the Dynavap M+ Easy to Clean?

Cleaning the M+ is quite easy. It can be broken down into a few primary pieces, and most parts can be easily cleaned with a bit of isopropyl alcohol or even warm water in a pinch. Just be sure to avoid soaking the cap as this can damage it; generally, it won’t need much attention anyway, as it tends to remain relatively clean even after extended use.

Dynavap M+ broken down for cleaning

Can the Dynavap M+ Produce Good Vapor?

You can achieve some excellent vapor production with the M+. Heating towards the bottom of the cap results in some relatively dense vapor, even when the airport is left entirely open (our preferred approach). Heating higher up the cap will deliver more flavorful hits and less visible vapor. The redesigned tip seems to provide a little extra performance, so if you’ve enjoyed any of the previous models in the M series, you should also enjoy the performance here.

When you first see a Dynavap, it’s easy to underestimate it. Still, it can be pretty surprising how performant they can be, especially given their size and chamber capacity, and the M+ is no different in this regard.

Is the Dynavap M+ Good for Microdosing?

If you’re looking to microdose, the Dynavap M+ is a compelling option. Unless you require electronic temperature control for more targeted extraction, the M+ is excellent for using smaller amounts of material, especially when you take advantage of the adjustable bowl that allows the screen to be moved to a half-bowl position.

Even with smaller amounts, it can be pretty impressive how effective vapor from this device can be. So whether you’re a casual user that likes to take it easy or are more regimented with microdosing for other reasons, the M+ is worth checking out if microdosing is a significant consideration.

Dynavap M+ chamber

Can you use Concentrates with the Dynavap M+?

While not a concentrate focussed device, spiking some dry herbs with a little concentrate or using the M+ with the optional Dynacoil addon can still produce some decent results. Of course, depending on how you use concentrates will depend on how well-suited the M+ will be in this regard. If you’re someone that primarily uses concentrates, there are better options. Still, for those that just like to dabble with a small amount of concentrates here and there, it’s great to have that option.

Is the Dynavap M+ Good for Beginners?

For those that don’t mind using a torch with their vaporizer or dropping some extra money on an induction heater, the M+ is a great way to get started with dry herb vaping. While you can look at cheaper options in the lineup, the M+ is something you shouldn’t immediately outgrow. Even if you pick up some other vaporizers later on, you’ll still probably find yourself returning to it occasionally.

Dynavap M+ Pros

  • New tip with increased performance
  • Less stray heat transfer from the tip to stem
  • Plenty of design elements that make it feel great in the hand
  • Works well with the Dynavap armored cap

Dynavap M+ Cons

  • Aesthetically the new tip could be improved
  • The “heating spots” can easily result in excessive heating
  • It could be longer; an extended stem would have been nice here

Dynavap M+ laying in the palm of a hand

Is the Dynavap M+ Worth Buying?

If you already have another recent Dynavap model, it may not be worth diving immediately into the M+. The most significant change to this model that will affect the performance is the tip, which will likely be available for purchase independently. Furthermore, from our testing, it pairs just fine with other stems, even things like the Omni XL. So if you already have a recent Dynavap you’re enjoying, you may find picking up a tip later to experiment a good option, provided they decide to offer them independently.

For those that don’t own a recent M, are looking at checking out a Dynavap for the first time, or just want to try something a little different, the M+ is an interesting release from Dynavap and well worth considering picking up. It does everything we loved about the previous releases and explores some new ideas, which makes it really fun to use.

Overall, the M+ is an excellent release from Dynavap and continues to make Dynavap vaporizers easy to recommend to just about anyone.

Where can you buy the Dynavap M+?

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