Dynavap 2021 Omni Review

Dynavap 2021 Omni

22 August 2022   •   10 min read

The Dynavap 2021 Omni is the latest flagship of the Dynavap range that attracts a lot of attention in the vaporizer community, but is this premium offering worth your money?

Dynavap Omni Features

  • High-efficiency vaporization
  • Battery-free operation
  • Mostly titanium construction

How to Use the Dynavap Omni

Using the Dynavap Omni, or any Dynavap for that matter, is a little awkward the first time you do it. However, many users of these devices quickly get comfortable and achieve consistent results. Checking out some usage demonstrations online can be a great way to get comfortable operating the Omni.

  1. Remove the cap and load the bowl with your material.
  2. Place the cap back and adjust the airflow by twisting the mouthpiece.
  3. Heat the cap with a torch or other heat source while rotating slowly until you hear a click.
  4. Inhale through the mouthpiece. Depending on how open your airflow is set, you may find it helpful to partially cover or flutter your finger over the air holes in the midsection during use.

Heating lower on the cap will result in a longer heat-up and warmer, thicker vapor. Heating higher near the top of the cap will result in a faster heat-up with less vapor and more flavor. Experimentation is the best way to find out how far down feels good for you; just be sure to stop once the cap clicks to avoid accidentally combusting your material after overheating the cap.

Don’t overpack the tip to ensure adequate airflow. However, even underpacking the tip will generally work just fine. With a capacity of only 0.1g or around 0.05g with the screen adjusted to the half bowl position, you are unlikely to have many issues filling the chamber.

Dynavap 2021 Omni Ready to Use

Does the Dynavap Omni have Good Airflow?

The 2021 Omni comes with adjustable airflow controls, and this is something that causes pretty mixed reactions to users of the device. Some people hate the adjustable airflow, but for those users, it’s pretty easy to leave it closed off and use it like many other Dynavap vaporizers while utilizing the air holes in the midsection to moderate the airflow.

You may not even find it necessary to obstruct the airholes at all with the adjustable airflow closed off. However, these air holes should not be treated the same as a carb you may find on many bubblers and pipes as their implementation is quite a bit different, affecting more how air moves in the device as opposed to actually controlling the entire flow of air.

With all this said, the key takeaway is that airflow when using an Omni can be pretty heavily customized, and the best way to start adjusting is to experiment and find out what works best for you, as it is essentially a preferential thing; there’s no perfect way to approach it.

How much does the Dynavap Omni Cost?

You can pick up the Dynavap Omni 2021 for around $200 USD. However, you can often beat this price by a few dollars by shopping around or picking up one of the previous models, such as the Dynavap Omni XL 2020.

Some people opt to buy the individual titanium tip, screens, cap, and a water pipe adapter to use purely with a bubbler, which can be a cheaper option, but only if that’s the only way you intend to use it. Additionally, there’s a range of different starter packs and bundle deals you can find from time to time which can affect the cost; just be sure if you go that route, you are getting items you will actually use. The core Omni experience is not one you need to add accessories to for a first-class experience, so don’t be afraid to grab the standalone device.

Is the Dynavap Omni Well Built?

If you’re looking for a durable vaporizer, you can’t fault the Omni in this regard. Most of the device is made of literal titanium, excluding the tip and a couple of high-temperature o-rings. So if you take care of your Omni, it could easily last years with some minor maintenance and maybe a replacement cap, CCD, or set of new o-rings here and there.

Frankly, it’s a pretty incredible-looking device; if you enjoy that modern engineering aesthetic, the Omni will keep you happy, and if you pair it with a nice magnetic stand, you’ve got yourself a great addition to any desk. All-in-all, well-built is a good description of the Omni.

What Comes in the Box?

While you can buy a range of different packages containing Dynavap vaporizers, if you buy an Omni on its own, it’s relatively minimal in terms of what’s included. You essentially get the vaporizer and nothing more. However, things like replacement CCDs (screens), o-rings, etc., are all easily sourced and not too expensive, though replacing the tip, midsection, and cap can be a little pricy.

Accessories Available for the Dynavap Omni

There is an entire community that has spawned around the use of Dynavap vaporizers. While it’s not uncommon to see groups forming around popular vaporizers, Dynavap enthusiasts have gone as far as to start companies around these devices. Attempting to list the accessories available is well beyond the scope of this review, but between third-party and manufacturer options, there’s truly something for everyone. However, it is an expensive hobby, but with the core experience being quite impressive out of the box, there’s no need to dive into spending a bunch of money on your new Omni.

Can you use the Dynavap Omni with a Water Pipe?

While some other vaporizers in the Dynavap range, such as the Dynavap 2021 M, support using a waterpipe in a stock configuration, the Omni does not. However, plenty of water pipe adapters are available. Depending on the materials used and the level of quality you are looking for, you can pick one up starting at just a few dollars if you scout around.

Is the Dynavap Omni Portable?

The Omni is incredibly portable, and being around the size of a pen, you can fit it in your pocket without issue. However, a Dynastash is an excellent addition if you can budget for it. These typically include a convenient way to store your Omni and a magnet for an easy place to put your Omni while it cools down between uses.

When considering Omni portability, it’s essential to consider how you plan to heat the vaporizer, as you’ll also need to carry this around. If you opt for an induction heater, this can be about the size of an electric vaporizer on its own, so if extreme portability is the goal, this is something to think about. On the other hand, a single flame torch is the preferred heating method by many Omni users. This isn’t difficult to carry by any means, especially when bigger isn’t better, so a relatively small torch will usually work brilliantly and be the optimal choice. If that’s your approach, portability should be no issue.

Is the Dynavap Omni Easy to Clean?

Cleaning an Omni isn’t as easy as some electronic vaporizers, but it’s not the most challenging thing to do either, nor should it be a reason to put you off. Once you’ve done a few maintenance cleans, you should have no problem separating the device into its various parts and giving them all a clean.

How to Clean the Dynavap Omni

The easiest way to clean the Dynvap is with a quick rinse in isopropyl alcohol with all the pieces separated to speed up the process and make things easier. Start removing the cap, then separating the tip, midsection, and mouthpiece. It’s not recommended to soak the Omni, so try to keep it brief, especially when it comes to the cap and o-rings, which are more sensitive to alcohol exposure.

Depending on how heavily you use your device, you may find you can avoid cleaning it for a while. However, heavier users will still hit a wall pretty quickly when it comes to those sticky and gummy residues we are all too familiar with managing. Nonetheless, while it is a little fiddly, it’s not a complex procedure and one you should get the hang of pretty quickly.

Dynavap 2021 Omni Teardown

Can the Dynavap Omni Produce Good Vapor?

The Omni is a capable vaporizer. You can produce quality vapor with the device and customize the experience to your tastes by heating either higher or lower on the cap to produce different results. For example, heating higher on the cap results in the cap clicking at lower temperatures producing less vapor but a more delicate flavor profile, while lower on the cap produces more visible vapor and more intense extraction.

Like many aspects of this vaporizer, experimentation is crucial and the best way to determine what works best for you. Even though the Omni is a purely analog device, you can still produce relatively consistent results once you find a technique you like.

Can you use Concentrates with the Dynavap Omni?

The Omni isn’t something that makes a good choice for concentrate-only users. However, while not well-suited to heavy concentrate use, there are a few things you can do to make use of your Omni with concentrates.

The first option is to spike your dried material with a little concentrate. Just avoid adding too much as it may not vaporizer effectively, or you may even end up with it in your mouth if you aren’t careful, but smaller amounts should work.

The better option is to grab a DynaCoil, as this is designed to make it possible to use concentrates in Dynavap vaporizers effectively. Created with some pretty cool engineering, the DynaCoil is made from a continuous strip of titanium rolled to provide a large amount of surface area to make it possible to vaporize concentrates with Dynavap devices.

Dynavap Omni Pros

  • Quality engineering and high-quality components
  • Compatible with multiple types of heating
  • Extremely effective even with small amounts of material
  • Fantastic looking device
  • Great for microdosing

Dynavap Omni Cons

  • Adjustable airflow control feels a bit redundant
  • The higher price point can be a hard sell
  • It can be challenging for first-timers to use properly
  • Not ideal for those with dexterity challenges

Is the Dynavap Omni Worth Buying?

There are a few factors to consider before buying the Dynavap 2021 Omni. The biggest for most will be the price. At around $200 USD, it’s not exactly cheap, and if you haven’t used one before, you’d be understandably pretty hesitant to drop that kind of money on a whim. So if you feel like it’s a bit out of reach or you’d be stretching your budget to buy one, don’t. While the Omni is great in many ways, other options in the Dyanvap range are more budget-friendly and make better entry-level options for exploring vaporizers from Dynavap.

For those of you that have another lower-end Dynavap, such as the M, the Omni can be a nice upgrade if you’re looking for more of the same but with a little extra something special. The device is longer, the vapor is cooler, and the titanium tip heats up faster. Suppose you already have a previous generation Omni. In that case, there’s not enough here to warrant an upgrade, but if you’re itching for a backup device or to add another to the collection, you shouldn’t be disappointed if you can afford to splurge on the new version.

In short, if you have the money to spare and are looking to dive into the more premium end of portable analog vaporizers, the Dynavap 2021 Omni is an excellent option, and should you want to take it even further, you’ll find plenty of first and third-party mods and accessories that can allow you to turn your Omni into a device precisely suited to your tastes and preferences.

Where can you buy the Dynavap 2021 Omni?

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