AUXO Celsius Review

AUXO Celsius

13 November 2023   •   8 min read

Is the premium model in the AUXO lineup truly a cut above the rest? Let's delve deep to discover whether the Celsius is a vaporizer worthy of being on your wishlist.

First Look: Introducing the AUXO Celsius

The Celsius vaporizer arrives in a sizable box that offers a pleasant unboxing experience. While it may not be the most refined packaging on the market, it's certainly appealing. Upon first glance, the Celsius doesn't immediately reveal itself as a vaporizer; its design is more akin to a handheld appliance of some kind.

The device features a few buttons for controlling the experience, although they lack a tactile feel. The airflow is quite limited, with just a tiny square of perforations on the side for ventilation. A notable aspect is the mouthpiece, crafted from zirconia, which provides a comfortable feel. The mouthpiece assembly is securely attached to the device with relatively strong magnets.

Overall, first impressions are good; even the charging cable is of relatively nice quality.

AUXO Celsius powered on with mouthpiece extended

Feature Deep Dive: Exploring What Distinguishes the AUXO Celsius

The Celsius boasts a distinctive heating system that combines convection, conduction, and infrared technologies. Although the device's restricted airflow masks some of the subtleties of this heating method, it still delivers a decently flavorful experience. AUXO has put significant effort into their accompanying app, enhancing the device's capabilities. The app allows users to create custom heating curves and offers additional features. In devices like this, it's essential that the core functionality isn't solely reliant on the app, and AUXO mostly adheres to this principle. Precision temperature control is the only feature exclusive to the app. Still, the device's built-in presets are sensible, so whether that bothers you depends on your preference for specific temps and if the presets meet your needs.

Setting Up: Using the AUXO Celsius Efficiently

The power button on the Celsius is located discreetly at the bottom of the device. Pressing and holding it for three seconds powers it on. Although the power button's responsiveness is not flawless and occasionally does not register a press unless done with precision, it does not seem flimsy and appears to be something you’ll just get used to with some experience.

The device also has two additional buttons to toggle between various preset modes. Notably, the Celsius is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. It's important to remember that the higher temperature presets are intended for concentrates and are unsuitable for dry herbs. A unique little feature is the ability to shake the device to display the remaining battery life, which, while functional, could have been more creatively utilized.

Accessing the bowl is straightforward, as it can be reached by simply removing the mouthpiece assembly. A potential concern is the possibility of wear over time from frequently removing the mouthpiece by pulling upward on the zirconia part, which is the only way to do it easily. However, there are no immediate signs of looseness or other issues with doing it this way.

The bowl is of a good depth, accommodating around 0.3 grams of dry herbs or 0.05 grams with the concentrate insert. There's a minor inconvenience when loading dry herbs as small pieces easily get trapped in the corners of the top section of the device around the outskirts of the bowl, which can be slightly bothersome. This issue can be mostly avoided with a bit more care during loading, so it isn’t a huge concern, just a bit annoying.

AUXO Celsius package contents

Cost Analysis: Evaluating the Value Proposition of the AUXO Celsius

The Celsius is available for around $250 USD, a price point where one would expect a vaporizer to deliver decent quality and performance. The pricing seems fine, but ultimately, whether this vaporizer is worth it depends on whether it meets your specific needs. It might not cater to a mainstream audience, yet it could still be a suitable choice for many.

Deciding on the Celsius can be challenging; it would certainly benefit from a lower price, but at the same time, its cost feels reasonable considering the rest of the vaporizer market. One thing worth considering is that AUXO claims to have a 10-year warranty on this device; depending on how well they honor that and what exactly is covered, it could add some noteworthy value.

Design and Build: Examining the AUXO Celsius's Quality

The Celsius exhibits a relatively good build quality, with decent tolerances and components that fit together nicely. However, its design leaves some room for improvement. It doesn't look terrible by any means, but it struggles with its identity, giving off the vibe of a premium device from an earlier era. Its appearance slightly echoes the early 2000s style. While it's not off-putting, it narrowly misses the mark in capturing the modern minimalist aesthetic it is aiming for, and as we mentioned earlier, it looks a little like some kind of appliance (part of a hairdryer perhaps). However, this is largely subjective.

Compatibility Check: Pairing the AUXO Celsius with a Water Pipe

Currently, no water pipe adapters are available for the AUXO Celsius. Considering its somewhat restrictive airflow and the design of the mouthpiece, this device is not well-suited for such use. While a silicone whip-style attachment could work, pairing the Celsius with water pieces isn't ideal, nor is it currently achievable outside of some makeshift DIY approach.

AUXO Celsius bowl

Travel-Friendly: Tips for Taking the AUXO Celsius on the Go

The Celsius becomes reasonably portable when its mouthpiece is folded away. However, it's not a particularly small device and has a noticeable chunkiness to its form factor. If you're searching for a compact and lightweight vaporizer for pocket carry, you should continue your search. On the other hand, if you are okay with carrying a vaporizer in a bag or similar, then the size of the Celsius may not be a significant concern for you.

Battery Insights: What to Expect from the AUXO Celsius's Power

The battery choice in the Celsius is somewhat unusual, marking a slight misstep by AUXO. Despite the device's heft, it features only an internal 1100mAh battery.

This battery supports up to about nine sessions, which is not inadequate (and even relatively impressive given the battery capacity). Still, it seems like a missed opportunity not to incorporate a more robust battery, particularly considering the Celsius is positioned as the premium model in AUXO's lineup. If this thing had a larger battery, it really could have been a standout feature.

AUXO Celsius with charge cable connected

Maintenance Tips: Keeping the AUXO Celsius in Top Condition

Cleaning the Celsius doesn't pose a major hassle, but it's essential to have some isopropyl alcohol at your disposal. The mouthpiece assembly can be disassembled into several parts for soaking. Although this process is somewhat fiddly, it's a relatively common requirement for cleaning many types of modern vaporizers, so it’s hard to give the Celsius a hard time about that.

Vapor Assessment: Reviewing the Performance of the AUXO Celsius

The vapor produced by the Celsius is somewhat unusual. You might initially wonder if it's functioning correctly at higher temperatures, as the visible vapor is less abundant than one might typically see at similar temperatures in many other vaporizers. However, the effectiveness is apparent post-session, with the material being thoroughly extracted and the effects noticeably present.

This unique vapor characteristic seems to result from the restricted airflow, possibly influenced by the vapor path design and the type of heater used. Despite the lower visibility of vapor, the flavor is exceptional, and there is minimal harshness even at higher temperatures, which are often challenging for other devices. Therefore, the Celsius may be a great fit for those with a sensitive throat. However, if your preference leans towards quick, aggressive extraction with larger vapor clouds, you should explore other options.

Versatility Test: Using Concentrates in the AUXO Celsius

The Celsius supports concentrates and conveniently includes a concentrate chamber with the unit. It's always a plus to have such accessories included. The maximum temperature the device can reach is 260°C, a vital factor to consider. Using the Celsius with concentrates offers a more subdued experience compared to devices specifically designed for concentrates. However, this feature is a nice addition for those who use concentrates casually in conjunction with dry herbs.

AUXO Celsius with mouthpiece assembly removed

Overview: Summarizing the AUXO Celsius Experience

There are a few things that you should factor in when checking out the Celsius.


  • Flavorful vapor
  • Zirconia mouthpiece
  • Hybrid heating
  • Minimal harshness even at higher temps
  • Dry herb and concentrate support


  • No precision temp control without using the app
  • Minimal visible vapor even at higher temps
  • The power button doesn’t always register presses
  • The mouthpiece assembly is a bit awkward to clean

Purchasing Prospects: Considering the Merits of the AUXO Celsius

Before deciding on the Celsius, it's important to consider what kind of vaping experience you prefer. If you're into larger clouds and more substantial hits, better options exist for you. However, if a relaxed, flavor-rich session that's gentle on the throat appeals to you, the Celsius could be an excellent match.

As the premium product in the AUXO lineup, it should push the boundaries a bit more. However, while it may not be groundbreaking, it's a decent enough device that will likely resonate well with certain users.

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