XMAX Riggo Review

XMAX Riggo

26 November 2023   •   7 min read

XMAX is becoming known for producing some fantastic budget-friendly portable concentrate vaporizers, is this yet another?

Initial Encounter: Unveiling the XMAX Riggo

The Riggo, a new concentrate vaporizer from the XMAX team at TopGreen, boasts a design that offers considerable flexibility without sacrificing affordability. Out of the box, it includes everything necessary for immediate use, even thoughtful additions like cleaning supplies. Its operation is streamlined through a single button, and it features convenient USB-C charging. Versatility is a key aspect of the Riggo, as it can be used in two distinct configurations: a pipe-style mode and an alternative mode utilizing an included water pipe adapter.

XMAX Riggo sitting on a table turned on

Quick Mastery: Effortlessly Navigating the XMAX Riggo

Activating the Riggo is straightforward, employing the common five-button press system familiar to many vaporizer users. Once on, a triple press allows the user to cycle through five temperature presets, ranging from 260°C to 380°C. The presets are well-considered and provide enough variety to cater to most different preferences. To toggle heating, a quick double press of the button is all that's needed.

Instead of a display, the Riggo uses LED lights that change color to indicate the current preset, heating status, and battery level. While it lacks a screen, a brief five-minute exploration is typically enough to become acquainted with its functions. It's advisable to consult the manual initially to understand the correlation between presets and temperatures, but users can also opt for a bit of experimentation if they're feeling more adventurous.

XMAX Riggo package contents

Evaluating the Investment: Is the XMAX Riggo Worth the Price?

The Riggo's design may remind some of the Puffco Proxy, but its significantly lower price point makes it particularly attractive for occasional concentrate users who don't want to invest heavily, or for those seeking a budget Puffco Proxy alternative.

Priced at just $59 USD, the Riggo stands out as an excellent choice for impulse buys alongside concentrates. Given its affordability, the value it offers is noteworthy – it functions as a portable e-nail and includes both a water pipe adapter and dry pipe functionality. Considering that a water pipe adapter alone can often cost half this price at times, the Riggo's pricing is quite competitive.

A Study in Design: The XMAX Riggo’s Craftsmanship Unveiled

The Riggo's design is notably sleek, with components that fit together seamlessly. The silicone joints are tight and secure, ensuring a smooth transition between the two configurations. Despite its affordability, the Riggo doesn't compromise on aesthetics or give off a low-end vibe. Its build quality and overall design feel solid and well-considered.

A little more creativity with the bowl design would have been good to see, but that’s not to say it’s bad at all.

XMAX Riggo broken down into key components

Fluid Combinations: A Look at the XMAX Riggo and Water Pipe Integration

Using the Riggo without additional accessories like a water pipe or bubbler is entirely possible, but incorporating these elements significantly enhances its versatility. The device comes with a 14mm water pipe adapter, which effortlessly attaches to the bottom of the unit once it is detached from the silicone body for use with the mouthpiece.

For optimal results, pairing the Riggo with a rig-style bubbler specifically designed for concentrates is recommended purely due to their size typically being just about right for a device like this. However, it's versatile enough to work well with any medium to small-sized water piece. Additionally, for those who prefer, the Riggo can even be used with glass dry.

Adventure Ready: Journeying with the XMAX Riggo

The Riggo scores highly in terms of portability. While it may not be the most pocket-friendly due to its shape, it's perfectly suited for tossing into a bag. Its on-the-go convenience is evident, as you can use it with the included glass mouthpiece while out and about, and then easily switch to the water pipe adapter for sessions at a friend's house.

It's an excellent choice for the more adventurous users. Although it doesn't offer the discreteness and simplicity of a concentrate pen, the Riggo brings a more enjoyable and versatile experience.

Energize: Assessing the XMAX Riggo's Battery Prowess

The Riggo is powered by an integrated 1000mAh battery, which is conveniently recharged using a USB-C connection. The battery life is quite reasonable, typically allowing for a dozen or more sessions on a full charge. However, the actual battery longevity will depend significantly on usage intensity (how hard you push it) and the selected temperature preset. Overall, battery life here shouldn't pose any major concerns for this type of device.

The inclusion of USB-C charging is also nice though becoming pretty common, but it does help in ensuring that finding a charger in a pinch is hassle-free.

XMAX Riggo with charging port visible

Maintenance Tales: The Art of Keeping the XMAX Riggo Pristine

Maintaining the Riggo is relatively straightforward, especially when it comes to cleaning the main vapor path beneath the screw-in coil. This task can be easily accomplished using one of the included pipe cleaners. However, if you're a frequent user, it might be a good idea to purchase additional pipe cleaners from a store like Amazon, as accessing this area with other tools can be challenging.

Cleaning the rest of the vapor path is more accessible, even when using the device in pipe mode. When utilizing the water pipe adapter, there's even less to worry about in terms of cleaning. Overall, the Riggo is quite easy to keep clean between sessions, typically requiring just a few minutes for a quick refresh and slightly longer for a thorough deep clean.

Vapor Assessment: The XMAX Riggo's Performance Unmasked

The Riggo, while not comparable to a comprehensive concentrate setup with a torch, stands out in its category of portable devices, particularly considering its price point. The XMAX team has demonstrated a growing expertise in crafting budget-friendly portable devices that still deliver quality vapor, and the Riggo is another testament to their skill.

At lower temperatures, the Riggo excels in delivering rich flavors, and when the temperature is increased, it can produce significant effects quite rapidly. For usage at higher temperatures, running it through water yields the best results, but it's also perfectly viable to use it dry in the pipe configuration, provided you don't mind the vapor being a bit warmer. Overall, the Riggo leaves little room for criticism when you factor in the price and type of device that it is.

XMAX Riggo held in the hand while turned on

The XMAX Riggo Brief: Everything You Need to Know in a Flash

To better understand what the Riggo offers, let's delve into its pros and cons.


  • Two different configurations for use
  • Water pipe adapter included with the unit
  • Decent battery life
  • Excellent pricing


  • No precision temp control (presets only)
  • Coil will need replacing with extended use
  • Not overly pocket friendly

The Decision Dilemma: Is the XMAX Riggo Worth the Buy?

If you're considering purchasing a Riggo, it's a decision you're unlikely to regret. Given its price point, it's an exceptional value. The Riggo is an ideal choice for those impulse buys that won't strain your wallet. Despite not being a high-end device, it has plenty to offer, including impressive build quality for its cost.

One aspect to keep in mind is the eventual need for a new coil. Planning ahead and sourcing it locally, if possible, can make replacement more convenient when the time comes. Overall, the Riggo is yet another solid budget-friendly release from the XMAX team at TopGreen.

XMAX Riggo with pipe mouthpiece attached

Where can you buy the XMAX Riggo?

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