XMAX Tunke Review

XMAX Tunke

22 October 2023   •   6 min read

Tailored for those who value simplicity and portability, this budget-friendly device promises to provide all the essentials without overwhelming the user. With an adjustable water tank and straightforward controls, the Tunke seems to prioritize the user's experience without breaking the bank. But does it truly deliver on these promises? Dive into our comprehensive review to find out if the XMAX Tunke is the right addition to your vaping arsenal.

First Glance: Introducing the XMAX Tunke

At first glance, the XMAX Tunke presents a design that clearly emphasises practicality. Its construction aligns with typical budget dab rigs. Yet, it incorporates some nice touches for its price point and removes things that you don’t necessarily require to have a satisfactory experience in many cases.

XMAX Tunke

Distinctive Qualities: What Makes the XMAX Tunke Stand Out?

The Tunke's most notable feature is its adjustable water tank. Built with a focus on portability, the tank's ability to expand or collapse offers a potential solution for users with space considerations. It might also be suitable for those who travel frequently or those seeking a device with some flexibility.

Quick Start: Navigating the XMAX Tunke with Ease

The initial setup and operation of the Tunke are uncomplicated, primarily due to its simple single-button control. This approach mirrors many portable budget e-rigs in the market, as does the lack of display. It also incorporates some haptic feedback, which is nice to see.

While you’ll undoubtedly want to give the user manual a skim so you understand the temperature presets and basic button combos used to operate the device, it’s straightforward to get familiar with. You’ll find they become a habit quickly after spending a little time using the device. For example, pressing the button five times rapidly turns the Tunke on and off, and pressing the button three times rotates between temperature presets, so there’s nothing crazy complicated to get a handle on. One thing that can be annoying is the 15-second session time; while you can trigger it again to continue your session, it feels too brief.

The quartz atomiser cup is covered nicely with a metal shield with some airholes, and this rotates satisfyingly out of the way so you can access the chamber. Furthermore, the atomizer is removable, but it is a little hard to remove the first time, but not terrible. Replacements are available for the atomizer, but you’ll probably want to find a local source for these to avoid the shipping adding additional costs if you can.

The unboxing experience is nothing special, but you have everything you need in the box to get started.

XMAX Tunke

Value Proposition: Is the XMAX Tunke Worth the Investment?

The Tunke seems priced on par with similar devices in its category; if anything, we’ve seen devices cost more but offer less. Precision temperature control would have provided added value. Still, given the price point and simplicity, you shouldn’t miss that, provided you can find a temperature preset that suits your preferences.

Given its low cost and practicality, if you’re picking up some concentrate and need something to dive right into it with, the Tunke is certainly an appealing option. The Tunke is the type of device that will fly off the shelves at your local dispensary or vape shop, as the price point just meshes so nicely with impulse purchases.

Artistry & Build: Beyond Surface Beauty?

While the Tunke doesn’t scream modern design and oddly resembles an oversized plastic lighter, it looks fine. If you’re thinking of picking up either the blue or the black, perhaps grab the black; it’s the better looking of the two, though this is indeed subjective.

Overall, the build quality seems fine, and there’s nothing that raises much concern. This is another area where you really have to look at the price. For the money, you shouldn’t expect anything high-end; practicality is at the forefront of the design here.

XMAX Tunke

Adventure Ready: Traveling with the XMAX Tunke

When it comes to dabbing on the go, the Tunke is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly device. It’s pretty easy to chuck in your bag, car, etc, alongside a bottle of water and to just go about your day. For those that don't mind warmer vapor it can also be used without water, you may even find yourself prefering this depending on what temperate setting you use and just your general preferences.

Furthermore, given the USB-C charging, it’s even relatively easy to find a charger in a pinch, which is always nice for a portable device like this.

Charge & Go: A Peek at the XMAX Tunke's Battery Life

The 650mAh battery is a little on the low capacity side of things but somewhat standard for budget e-rigs of its type. However, battery life seems fine. You should be able to get through several dabs per charge without issue, provided you aren’t going crazy.

XMAX Tunke

Maintenance Tales: Keeping the XMAX Tunke in Tip-Top Shape

While the design simplifies maintenance in some regards, the cleaning process can be awkward in some respects. For one, the metal pipe extending into the bubbler is pretty thin, making it hard to find something suitable to clean it with, though some pipe cleaners are included, which helps.

In general, maintenance doesn’t cause any notable headaches; just don’t forget to empty out the water between uses. You don’t want to leave old water sitting in there, especially if you only use it occasionally.

Vapor Performance: Can the XMAX Tunke Meet Expectations?

It can take a couple of uses to find your favorite temperature preset and find out how you like to use the Tunke, but once you do, you can get quite decent performance considering the budget price tag. It’s not going to compete with a torch and some good glass or a larger, higher-end dabbing device, yet it manages to get you going in just a few seconds, which is just fine for a portable e-rig.

When it comes to the Tunke, if you manage your expectations and pair it with some quality concentrates, you may just find yourself pleasantly surprised.

XMAX Tunke

XMAX Tunke Pros

  • Adjustable bubbler
  • Well priced
  • Haptic feedback
  • Easy to use

XMAX Tunke Cons

  • Lacks precision temperature control
  • No display

The Verdict: Should You Invest in the XMAX Tunke?

The Tunke stands out as a convenient vaporizer. Priced attractively, it's the kind of device you might spontaneously opt for on a whim. Its practical design is ideal for events like parties or festivals, allowing you to enjoy without the concern of hauling around your pricier gear, especially when you’re keen to share.

While the device's design may not be awe-inspiring, it scores highly in practicality and affordability. Are you searching for a budget-friendly portable e-rig to transform a mundane moment into an enjoyable session? The Tunke might just be your pick.

XMAX Tunke

Where can you buy the XMAX Tunke?

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