Flowerpot B-ZERO Review

Flowerpot B-ZERO

9 October 2023   •   9 min read

The Flowerpot B-ZERO is the most budget-friendly option within the Flowerpot lineup from Cannabis Hardware. It is often recommended as a starting point for those eyeing the world of ball vaporizers. It's time to find out whether there’s enough here to get you heading down into the ball vaporizer rabbit hole.

Initial Glimpse: Meeting the Flowerpot B-ZERO

You can find more than one pack containing the B-ZERO. Here, we’ll cover the “Flowerpot B-ZERO Injector Essentials Bundle” in 14mm with a Cannabis Hardware controller.

Upon first encountering the B-ZERO, you'll likely receive it in a nondescript brown box. While an unusual choice, it subtly instills a sense of intrigue and an odd sense of confidence from the manufacturer. As you delve into the box, you're presented with the necessities to get started, though just barely so. For instance, the essentials pack consisted of a 14mm injector bowl, a robust metal stand, a CH PID controller, a pre-assembled B-ZERO head filled with ruby balls, and a ready-wrapped coil rearing to go. However, an intriguing decision was the absence of a handle, which initially might be unsettling. Yet, after some initial caution, you'll get accustomed to the safe gripping area - precisely, a couple of inches where the coil meets with the cable, allowing a bare-handed grip without melting off your flesh.

Flowerpot B-ZERO powered on and heated to 600°F

Quick Start: Mastering the Flowerpot B-ZERO in Minutes

Getting started with the B-ZERO is quite simple; there's only one socket on the controller where the coil can be plugged in. Given the simplicity of the controller, plugging it in and turning it on is about as easy as using a toaster. While it's easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at ball vaporizers, this kit is quite easy to get a handle on right out of the box. It’s unlikely you'll find yourself confused or worried about breaking anything, which is certainly reassuring, especially with the very DIY feel that can accompany ball vapes due to their general design.

Turning it on and performing a burn-off run at a higher temperature before use resulted in minimal smoke and smell, albeit some, but nothing overly concerning or excessive. We found setting the PID to 700°F and giving it around 10 minutes was sufficient, but your experience may vary.

After this process is complete, setting the PID to a more rational temperature (between 580-600°F is a great place to start), you are ready to dive in and start throwing some dry herbs into the mix by simply placing them into the injector bowl, placing the bowl into a suitable piece of glassware, and placing the head of the heater into the top of the bowl until it rests on the rim, which is where things indeed start getting interesting. If it’s your first time using anything like this, you can expect a bit of a surprise. Compared to many vaporizers, ball vapes can vaporize your material very rapidly, and for those with low tolerances, it definitely pays to be cautious or use some milder material.

The B-ZERO excels at vaporizing dry herbs. Yet, for a thorough extraction, it's advisable to give it a stir and a second hit to finish the material thoroughly. Often, a ring towards the outer part of the bowl may be slightly less vaporized than the rest; however, the difference is typically minor. So, if you're a one-and-done type of person, you shouldn't feel like you're wasting anything significant.

Vaporization efficiency can vary slightly depending on how much you are packing into the bowl, how tightly you are packing it (if at all), and even the grind of the material. The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment, which is certainly not a bad time. It’s also worth carefully tweaking the temperature settings to see what you like.

Artistry: Beyond Mere Aesthetics?

The B-ZERO sports a utilitarian aesthetic, which, while not unpleasant, could easily find its place in a tool shop, mechanic's garage, or even your own backyard workshop. However, a closer look beyond the plain aesthetics reveals a pleasing simplicity. Paired with a nice piece of glass, it begins to blend in quite well. However, for those particular about appearances, there are undoubtedly other ball vapes with a more appealing look if aesthetics are a priority for you.

Enhancing Usage: Accessories & Consumables for the Flowerpot B-ZERO

While you shouldn’t encounter issues with consumables regarding the B-ZERO as you can with some vaporizers, it can potentially lead you down the path of upgrade-mania, a common route many take upon delving into the realm of ball vaporizers. That said, out of the box, the B-ZERO doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything too significant; you don’t get absolutely everything you could want, but you do get what you need. However, if they’d taken things further and removed the stand, for example, that would have started to get a little annoying, but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

One accessory worth really considering is a handle. While an official one is available from Cannabis Hardware, alternative options exist should you decide to explore. This is an area where economizing a bit won't cause much trouble. It’s easy to find yourself not paying enough attention when you go to grab it, so it’s rather nice to have something more substantial to hold onto. Beyond that, there's a realm of customization awaiting. You can even venture into altering the size and material of the balls in the device, each tweak offering a unique experience and signature experience.

Flowerpot B-ZERO head sitting on heavy duty stand made of metal

Versatile Vaping: Flowerpot B-ZERO and Water Pipe Compatibility

Due to the form factor of the heat and the standard 14mm and 18mm, this kit is typically sold in; you should have no trouble finding some suitable glass. Pretty much everything these days outside of some smaller 10mm stuff will use either of those two sizes, so if you already have some glass, be sure to check first, or if you’re planning to buy some, just take note of which version of the B-ZERO you picked up.

Even with smaller rigs, the heater will typically be far enough away from your face that you’ll be fine. So, you really shouldn’t find yourself running into compatibility issues. Smaller bubblers tend to work surprisingly well with this vaporizer, and bigger bubblers are no problem, provided you have the lung capacity to take advantage of them.

Cleaning Chronicles: Keeping the Flowerpot B-ZERO Pristine

One great thing about ball vapes, including the B-ZERO, is their low-maintenance nature. The main area you’ll need to maintain is the bowl. If you allow too much buildup in the bowl, it will begin to block the small holes at the bottom, which tends to cause a sort of lingering effect where it's hard to fully extract a bowl as easily as when it's clean.

Vapor Verdict: Does the Flowerpot B-ZERO Really Deliver?

Vapor production is a realm where the B-ZERO truly shines. While it may not offer the pinnacle of ball vaporizer experiences, its performance is rather impressive. Aside from ball vaporizer enthusiasts chasing the zenith of performance, it provides a brilliant user experience. Even small amounts loaded into the bowl can yield impressive hits of dense, visible vapor.

Contrary to what one might anticipate regarding the harshness of vapor from a device of this nature, that’s not the case, especially when paired with a suitable water pipe. The vaporizer itself doesn’t introduce any odd flavors, though it carries its own distinct style if you have a discerning palate. If you find the hits a tad overwhelming, experimenting with less material or a different variety can be beneficial. It may mellow out some flavors, a characteristic primarily attributed to its common pairing with a water pipe. This is a noteworthy point, especially if you are transitioning from another type of vaporizer that is typically used without water or natively.

Beyond Dry Herbs: Venturing into Concentrates with the Flowerpot B-ZERO

The B-ZERO is not designed with concentrates in mind. However, nothing is stopping you from adding a little extra kick to your bowl by slipping in a dash of concentrate. Although that said, this thing is powerful enough with flower anyway, so you shouldn’t find yourself craving much in terms of stronger hits.

Cost Evaluation: Is the Flowerpot B-ZERO a Good Value?

The ball vape arena has seen substantial evolution recently, with pricing becoming a hot topic, particularly among budget-centric devices. Although the B-ZERO isn't the ultimate budget-friendly choice in the vast spectrum of dry herb vaporizers, within the ball vape category, it sits on the moderate to low end of the price scale, making it a reasonable option.

One notable advantage here is the upgrade path available. Virtually everything included with the B-ZERO can be swapped out or upgraded if desired; such flexibility is only sometimes offered as some ball vaporizer manufacturers are veering towards the proprietary route with customized connectors and parts, aiming to lock you into their ecosystem. Furthermore, Cannabis Hardware holds a solid reputation for delivering quality products, making it a reliable choice if you're new to ball vapes and may not yet have the discernment to judge the quality or safety of a product.

Flowerpot B-ZERO package contents

Snapshot Summary: Flowerpot B-ZERO in a Nutshell


  • Excellent vapor production
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Prebuilt head


  • Slightly uneven extraction
  • No handle included
  • Suitable for flower only (mostly)
  • Not ideal for someone with dexterity issues

Buy or Bypass: The Flowerpot B-ZERO Purchase Decision

The B-ZERO is an impressive bit of kit. While it’s not the highest-end ball vaporizer available, the variance between something like this device and the high-end isn’t always that large. For those looking to save some money or maybe dip their toes into this style of vaporizer, it’s an excellent choice to consider.

It’s easy to use, has quite the kick, and can impress session after session. You really can’t go too wrong. If you’ve been thinking about picking one up, just do it.

Where can you buy the Flowerpot B-ZERO?

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