Thinking about Switching to a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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11 September 2022   •   6 min read

If you’ve been starting to feel worn down after smoking for years but find yourself coming up with reasons to avoid making the change, you might be surprised how little you have to give up to do it. While old habits can be hard to shake, swapping from combusting to vaping isn’t as complicated as you may think, and you can still enjoy all the critical parts of the experience and may find you like some even more.

Understand What Type of Smoker You Are

One of the first things to think about when planning to jump ship to vaporizing, or just reduce some of your exposure to smoke, is what type of smoker you are in the first place. Although at the same time, this may feel like a bit of a vague question, there’s some sound logic to it.

Do you prefer joints or the occasional bowl? You may find different types of vaporizers better suit your preferences than others. For example, if you’re more of a “sipper,” conduction vaporizers may be well suited to you. Conduction vaporizers typically heat a chamber containing your flower or other material and enable you to enjoy the vapor with smaller inhales. On the other hand, convection vaporizers will allow you to take bigger and longer hits on average, and people transitioning from smoking with a bubbler or similar can often find this more appealing.

While there is still some nuance, and you may even find you like the total opposite of this (or even a hybrid of both), it’s an excellent way to find a place to start when looking for your first vaporizer, or perhaps just a better experience to something you’ve tried in the past that didn’t seem quite right for you.

Choosing Between Desktops and Portables

While choosing a vaporizer with so many options can be challenging, it’s pretty easy to decide your priorities. For example, are you a smoker that only smokes at home? A desktop vaporizer might be a good choice, and typically you can avoid having to worry about charging your device when going this route. Alternatively, if you realize that you do a notable amount of your current smoking outside the house, a portable will commonly be the clear choice.

Of course, when it comes to portables, you can still use these in both contexts. So don’t feel the need to get a desktop just because you only partake at home. Plenty of people own portable vaporizers. Moreover, the performance gap between the two is smaller than ever, thanks to improved technology and engineering. Depending on what you’re comparing, the portable could provide a better experience, so don’t assume bigger is always better.

Your First Impression isn’t Always the Best One

Many people have tried a vaporizer at some point. You may have a friend who raves about it or maybe just tried it at a party one time. However, the problem is that you may have a great introduction to vaporizers this way, but it can often go wrong. Perhaps the vaporizer you used was low quality, wasn’t well suited to you, or could be poorly maintained (dirty), ruining the experience. In any case, this doesn’t mean it should taint your feelings about vaporizers, and it’s entirely possible you could have a totally different experience when having the time to explore it on your own with a device you’ve explicitly chosen.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Glass

Have you dropped a bunch of money on your glass collection? That in itself is something that could easily become an excuse for yourself just to keep smoking. However, you don’t have to give up your water pipes and many of your other accessories to start vaping.

Many vaporizers support, and some even come with water pipe adapters (often referred to as a WPA), which means you can use these vaporizers with a water pipe. Most commonly they will support 14mm or 18mm female joints, which, thankfully, most popular glass also supports. Suppose you hate cleaning gunky, unsightly residue and half burnt material out of your glass. In that case, you’ll see another benefit: vapor leaves much less residue and a much less obnoxious residue that keeps your equipment looking great longer and makes cleaning easier.

It Doesn’t Have to Send You Broke

While it’s easy to look at the price of some popular vaporizers and think to yourself, that’s just way too big of an investment for me. However, the reality is you don’t have to spend a lot to get started. While it can be harder to find budget vaporizers that are of decent quality, there is a growing number of options that are both affordable and can provide a decent experience without breaking the bank.

Vaporizers like the Dynavap “B” or the XMAX V3 Pro offer an achievable price point for most people while still providing a great experience. However, many people also don’t consider that you can often save money switching to vaporizing your flower, as you can often find yourself starting to use a lot less while still getting excellent results. As a result, this can potentially end up paying for itself or even saving you money in the long term. Of course, this isn’t something you should depend on, but it may end up being a pleasant surprise.

You really don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars to pick up a vaporizer. While it’s worthwhile to do a little research and maybe check a few vaporizer reviews before making a purchase, there are cheaper options available these days that are actually worth your time and money.


If you’re considering switching to vaping, just give it a try. The barriers to getting started are lower than ever, and the experience can be fantastic. Not to mention your lungs will thank you for keeping the things you are inhaling to a minimum. So even if you’re just looking to reduce the amount you smoke, it’s still an excellent option. Just go for it!

Harm reduction doesn’t have to be all or nothing. However, with how great vaping can be, you may just find yourself moving over completely and becoming that person we all know with a collection of vaporizers and a lot of enthusiasm about it; they exist for a good reason.