Could the Stündenglass Bring Some Luxury to Your Session?

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17 May 2023   •   6 min read

Providing a unique twist to the traditional gravity bong concept, the Stündenglass is a remarkable device that not only garners immediate attention but also boasts unparalleled versatility in its application.


The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is a captivating blend of luxury and the gravity bong concept. This extraordinary device not only catches the eye but also offers unparalleled versatility for a device like this one. Furthermore, it seamlessly accommodates a variety of vaporizers, making it an interesting choice for vaporizer enthusiasts looking for a premium water cooling option.

Design and Build Quality

It's attention-grabbing design and exceptional functionality make it an unrivaled companion. The Stündenglass impresses right out of the box with its sleek, modern aesthetic. Crafted from durable materials like borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, the Stündenglass promises longevity and a high-end feel, and it certainly delivers on that promise.

The 360-degree rotating glass globes don't just serve a functional purpose - they add a touch of sophistication, making this device a standout centerpiece in any setting. This thing is borderline absurd but in the best way possible.

Using the Stündenglass with a Vaporizer

The Stündenglass proves to be an exceptional companion for numerous vaporizers. Boasting a 14mm female joint, it pairs with most popular water pipe adapters effortlessly. Even if you possess a vaporizer with a 10mm or 14mm joint, finding a suitable adapter to conform to this widely adopted standard is easy and inexpensive.

Pairing this behemoth with different vaporizers shows how hard they can be pushed, with devices like the G Pen Hyer (an excellent match for the Stündenglass) shining when combined with the gravity-fuelled power of the Stündenglass.

The hits that can be achieved with the Stündenglass are borderline outrageous, the closest comparison is perhaps a desktop vaporizer with a bag, but this is much more fun. Things can certainly vary depending on how you use it, but given the gravity-bong-like design, it doesn’t miss the mark on producing gravity-bong-like hits when used aggressively. Alternatively, you can take it easy and sip away at some vapor or, by rotating the middle section, close off the vapor for a bit if you feel like a break or are ready to pass it over to your friend.

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Additional Versatility

While our focus at Thermal Extractions predominantly lies with vaporizers, it's important to shed light on the versatile capabilities of the Stündenglass. This device is far from single-dimensional, offering a variety of use cases.

For hookah enthusiasts, the Stündenglass can accommodate shisha, presenting an alternative method of use. Its functionality also extends to the culinary sphere, allowing for the smokey infusion of flavors into food and beverages.

Traditional smoking methods have not been overlooked; the Stündenglass can be used more conventionally out of the box as a gravity bong for those who prefer this approach. However, the device can be adapted easily for those interested in concentrates, simply by adding a banger and going to work on it with your favorite torch.

Despite our inclination towards pairing the Stündenglass with a quality vaporizer, it's apparent that this device caters to a broad spectrum of preferences. It offers a range of possibilities for individuals to experiment and discover their preferred method of use. With all that said, harm reduction is important; you only get one set of lungs, so make the most of them!

Flexibility & Customization

Just as the Stündenglass has a lot of use cases, it has a lot of flexibility as well. For example, you can take hits directly from the outlet pipe or use the whip for a more hookah-style experience. Furthermore, you can even choose whether you want percolation or the more classic gravity bong style experience where the water is primarily used to generate suction. There are also a bunch of aftermarket accessories available that can increase flexibility or make using the Stündenglass for certain things even more refined.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Unpacking the Stündenglass and preparing to use it for the first time can evoke a strange feeling of reluctance to soil its pristine appearance. However, once you overcome that initial caution, you'll discover the sheer delight of spinning those globes endlessly.

Fortunately, the Stündenglass comes equipped with a thoughtful cleaning kit that doesn't feel like an afterthought hastily included just to check a box. If you primarily use vaporizers, you'll find it remains relatively clean for an extended period. Additionally, with its removable globes requiring just a few twists, changing the water and refreshing everything is a breeze despite its relatively substantial heft.

For more thorough cleaning sessions, be prepared to set aside ample time, making it a perfect task for a leisurely Sunday afternoon. Nevertheless, once you familiarize yourself with the different components and identify the areas requiring extra attention, you'll be able to complete the task swiftly.

Value for Money

The Stündenglass effortlessly finds its place among luxury products, exuding an air of exclusivity. While it may come with a relatively higher price tag at around $600 USD, it offers a refined experience and exceptional performance. For those seeking a touch of extravagance and are not hesitant to pay for that privilege, the Stündenglass delivers on all fronts. For those looking for something to bring people together and be the centerpiece of a room, in the right circumstances, the Studenglass can absolutely do it.

Glancing at the Stündenglass evokes a sense of familiarity akin to appreciating a coveted pair of high-value sneakers. While it’s certainly not a necessity, it can be a game changer for those who truly value its indulgence and unique allure.

Stündenglass Stocks


While not suited to every taste, the Stündenglass is undeniably a head-turner. Thanks to its remarkable versatility, it seamlessly integrates with virtually any vaporizer equipped with an appropriate water pipe adapter. Moreover, it retains appeal for those who occasionally enjoy combustion.

This device shines in group settings, creating an engaging focal point and facilitating shared experiences. Yet, it retains its charm when used solo, delivering a consistently enjoyable experience irrespective of the crowd size.

Venturing beyond traditional use, the Stündenglass invites adventurous exploration into the realms of culinary and beverage creation. It’s not just a smoking or vaping apparatus but a tool for innovative gastronomic experiments.

Yes, it comes with a considerable price tag, but the unique features and experiences it offers make it a compelling investment. So if you're in a position to splurge a bit, consider giving the Stündenglass a try because it’s just pretty damn cool.