DaVinci IQC

DaVinci IQC

DaVinci IQC Description

The DaVinci IQC is a compact, portable vaporizer device that is designed for use with dry herb materials. It features a high-quality ceramic heating chamber and an LED display that shows the temperature, battery life and smart paths. The device is equipped with a precision temperature control system that allows the user to set the temperature to their desired level. The device has a removable, rechargeable 18650 battery and a pocket-friendly design that makes it highly portable. The device comes with support for the DaVinci mobile application which allows for customization of temperature settings, usage tracking, and smart path settings. The IQC is considered a cost-effective alternative to its bigger brother, the DaVinci IQ2, while still providing excellent performance, build quality and convenience.

DaVinci IQC Features & Traits

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What Comes with the Davinci IQC?

  • DaVinci IQ-C Vaporizer
  • Brush Tool with Plastic Handle
  • 3ft Braided Type C Charger Cable
  • Battery (18650)
  • 10MM Adapter Gasket
  • 10MM Adapter
  • Extra Pick Tool
  • Alcohol Wipes (x3)
  • User Manual

DaVinci IQC Pricing

Below are approximate prices for the DaVinci IQC in various different currencies. These numbers are based on the average market rate for the device and are updated as regularly as possible.

United States Flag

$199 USD

Australian Flag

$293 AUD

European Flag

€182 EUR

Canadian Flag

$271 CAD

Canadian Flag

$325 NZD

Canadian Flag

£153 GBP

DaVinci IQC Retailers

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DaVinci IQC Specifications

Find out what you can expect if you decide to pick up the DaVinci IQC


DaVinci Tech

Heat Up Time

~30 seconds

Battery Type

Removable 18650 battery





Chamber Capacity


Charging Connector


Temperature Range

Up to 221°C

Power Adjustment

Digital Control

Heat Up TIme

~60 seconds

Heating Type


Oven Type


Battery Life

~1 hour

Charge Time

~2 hours

Passthrough Charging


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DaVinci IQC FAQs

What materials can I use in the DaVinci IQC?

The DaVinci IQC is designed for dry herbs and is compatible with concentrates when using specific accessories. However, it is best suited primarily to use with dry herbs.

How do I control the temperature settings on the DaVinci IQC?

Temperature is adjustable by using the up and down buttons on the device or via a smartphone app, providing precision control. It offers a wide range of temperature settings between 250°F to 430°F (121°C to 221°C).

Are there any accessories available for the DaVinci IQC?

Accessories include cleaning kits, dosing capsules, car chargers, and more, enhancing the device's functionality and maintenance. These are commonly available from retailers selling the IQC or from DaVinci themselves.

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DaVinci IQC Cleaning Guide

Cleaning your DaVinci IQC vaporizer is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. The cleaning process involves several steps, focusing on different components of the vaporizer. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you through the process:

  1. Disassemble the Vaporizer: Start by disassembling the vaporizer. Remove the mouthpiece and any other removable parts. This will give you access to all the areas that need cleaning.

  2. Cleaning the Oven and Pearl: The oven and the pearl are crucial parts that need regular cleaning. Use a cleaning tool, like the Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz, with a bit of isopropyl alcohol (above 70%) for cleaning. Gently swab the inside of the oven to remove any residues. For the pearl, unscrew it completely and wipe it clean. Be careful not to lose this small component during cleaning.

  3. Flavor Chamber Maintenance: The flavor chamber is another vital part that requires attention. Remove the top lid of the chamber using the pick tool provided by DaVinci. Once opened, clean the inside with wipes or a swab. If there's debris build-up, use the cleaning tools to dislodge and remove it. After cleaning, reassemble the chamber.

  4. Cleaning Other Parts: Besides the oven and flavor chamber, other components like the mouthpiece and external parts of the vaporizer should also be cleaned. Wipe them with a soft cloth or cleaning wipes suitable for electronic devices.

  5. Reassemble and Test: After cleaning and letting all parts dry, reassemble your vaporizer. It's crucial to ensure that every part is dry to avoid damage. Once reassembled, turn on the vaporizer to ensure it's working correctly.

  6. Regular Maintenance: Regular cleaning after use can prevent the build-up of residues and make deep cleaning sessions less frequent and less intense.

Remember, maintaining your DaVinci IQC not only extends its life but also ensures you get the best experience in every session.

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