Vapvana Screwball Review

Vapvana Screwball

18 February 2024   •   8 min read

While there's a growing number of ball vaporizers hitting the market, there's still a lot of room to innovate and take things to the next level. Is the Vapvana Screwball one of those devices?

Initial Encounter: The Vapvana Screwball Revealed

While the Screwball comes in a rather nondescript box, there’s quite a lot going on inside. Outside of some glassware, your kit comes with everything needed to get you going. Removing the cover and exposing the 750-odd faceted rubies is really interesting as well and does get you a little hyped to dive in. They opted to skip the balls here and go with small gem-cut rubies that result in a lot more thermal mass and much smaller gaps.

It's great that they include a titanium bowl, scoop, and even a stand. While the stand might not be the best, the scoop is fantastic with its built-in tamper. Plus, offering a kit without a PID for those who already own one is a smart move.

A burn-in was definitely needed, but once that was done, the first hit was excellent. The recommended temperature range of between 440-500 Fahrenheit or 226-260 Celsius is sensible, catering to both heavy hitters and those seeking a lighter experience. Letting the heater sit on the bowl for a few seconds to heat soak before starting your session provides a more hybrid experience, great if you’re looking for a really heavy feel. However, this isn’t required for a great result, feel free to dive right in for a convection-focused session.

Extraction is decently even, one hit extractions out of the gate are certainly possible as well, but the bowl does have a fairly large capacity, so maybe slow your roll if you’re going for a one-and-done by using the half bowl setting.

Vapvana Screwball diffuser head sitting on the stand

Fast Track to Mastery: Learning the Vapvana Screwball in a Flash

While those new to ball vapes may assume there’s a bit of a learning curve with vaporizers like these, it’s really not hard to get a handle on things. The PID (the thing powering the heater) is easy to operate. Hold the center button for around 5 seconds and it turns on, adjust your temp as desired with the up and down button, holding the center button again for another five seconds will turn it off. Know all this and you’re good to get started using the device.

One thing to note is this unit won't play nice with smart plugs as there’s no analog on/off switch, so if you were thinking of doing that perhaps get the kit without the PID and pick up one from another company that is compatible with that. While the included PID is fine it’s nothing special, temp seems to remain quite stable though, or at least the display claims it does anyway, heating time is good as well.

Evaluating Value: The Vapvana Screwball's Worth in Your Wallet

If you’re searching for a budget ball vaporizer, there are cheaper options. However, this comes with everything you need to get going at a very reasonable price point (outside of some glassware to pair with it).

It’s certainly hard to fault the pricing of the Screwball at around $200 USD without the PID or around $300 with the PID. Overall, very good value and it makes it a lot easier to give the Screwball some praise given the very rational pricing.

Vapvana Screwball with the lid removed and rubies fully visible

Beyond Beauty: Is the Design of the Vapvana Screwball up to Scratch?

While there’s nothing earth-shattering about the design outside of the media choice (the ~750 gem-cut rubies), everything is executed rather well. Little touches like the included bowl having an adjustable capacity between around 0.2 and 0.4 with a screen that can be put in two positions make for a fantastic experience. The diffuser head is also excellent and while it’s hard to tell if the style of rubies used in the head is making a massive difference compared to just small round rubies or similar media, it certainly isn’t hurting the experience and feels like a nice choice.

Machining is excellent as well, you can spot this when looking at how well the bowl mates with the head and can comfortably sit in place over the bowl without being held. It’s nice to see no glaring quality issues when looking over the Screwball.

If we’re being picky, the handle's coating could be slightly improved, particularly the uneven cut at the end. These refinements, along with a better stand, would have truly elevated this device to premium status. It's clear that with an already excellent product, these small adjustments could really make it stand out and push things to the next level, perhaps something we’ll see in a future version.

Enhancing the Journey: Gear & Goodies for the Vapvana Screwball

Official Screwball accessories are currently limited. Here's what we learned from experimenting with third-party options:

Coil Guards: Old Head coil guards offer some protection against burns, though they're not a perfect fit due to the wider diffuser head. Look for guards with sufficient width.

Stands: Avoid Cannabis Hardware posts, as the diffuser head gets stuck and requires cooling before removal. We had a bad experience with that and would strongly discourage others from doing this. The included stand is functional but underwhelming – a better design would be welcome.

PID Compatibility: The Screwball's wiring makes it compatible with roughly half of the commonly available PIDs. Popular options from Auber, Cannabis Hardware, and Disorderly Conduction should work, but it’s always useful to check compatibility in case something has changed with a new model.

Vapvana Screwball package contents

Water Pipes: Synergy with the Vapvana Screwball

Ball vapes shine the most when used with water pipes and the Screwball is no exception, so keep that in mind if you're considering the Screwball. This model comes with an 18mm connector, so you'll either need a water piece with an 18mm female joint or be comfortable using an adapter.

Adventures with the Vapvana Screwball: Is it a Traveler's Companion?

Portability isn't a strong suit for devices like this. There are a few rare exceptions for the adventurous, but if you need an on-the-go vape, look elsewhere. That's just the nature of ball vaporizers – even if you have power at your destination, they're a bit cumbersome to transport. They might work if you're packing everything into a box for a night at a friend's place, but otherwise, portability isn't much of a factor here at all.

Maintenance Tales: Preserving the Vapvana Screwball's Shine

Maintenance with this vaporizer is refreshingly minimal. Aside from an occasional bowl cleaning, there's very little upkeep. After heavy use, you might want to do a more thorough cleaning, but ball vapes generally make life easy for those who prefer low-maintenance devices. Your main cleaning focus will be the glassware paired with the Screwball. The bowl handle unscrews enabling the easy soaking of the metal components in isopropyl alcohol – perfect for deeper cleaning sessions. Additionally, the screw-on cap provides access to the balls, making them convenient to replace or change out if you wish. Overall, maintenance is straightforward and hassle-free.

Tasting the Clouds: The Vapor Verdict of the Vapvana Screwball

Performance with the Screwball is excellent, the Vapvana team has done a great job at refining this design in a way that just works well. The heat is dense, and extractions are very even and consistent thanks to the diffuser-style head and well-paired bowl. This combination leads to notably potent hits, especially when utilizing the relatively large bowl capacity. However, even smaller sessions with minimal material can still deliver satisfying effects.

Seriously, the performance is fucking excellent. It’s really as simple as that. If you’re worried about buying something that won't hit hard enough, you’ll have no issues with the Screwball.

Vapvana Screwball turned on with PID display visible

Versatility in Vaping: Can the Vapvana Screwball Handle Concentrates?

The Screwball is not designed with concentrates in mind, and while you could spike some dry herbs with a very small amount of concentrate, that’s very much the extent of using the Vapvana Screwball with concentrates. If you're looking for a dedicated concentrate vaporizer, there are plenty of other options available.

In Brief: The Essence of the Vapvana Screwball Captured


  • Uniform extraction
  • Great performance
  • Well rounded kit
  • Decent pricing
  • Adjustable capacity bowl


  • Stand kinda sucks
  • Handle covering could be better
  • Not suitable for use with smart plugs

The Purchasing Dilemma: Deciphering the Vapvana Screwball

With vaporizers, there’s often a lot of give and take, pros and cons, but this one is quite slanted toward the positives. This ball vaporizer delivers reliable performance at an accessible price point. Its straightforward design while delivering on performance enables it to cater to both beginners and experienced users.

For those looking for a well-rounded ball vaporizer, this should be a strong contender. If we had to put our thoughts into a couple of words they’d simply be - highly recommended.

Vapvana Screwball

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