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Old Mate Designs: High-Quality Grinders Made in Australia

Old Mate Designs is an Australian company that specializes in producing premium aromatherapy equipment, particularly known for their innovative grinders in the AROMA series. Their products are distinguished by their high-quality craftsmanship and unique design features.

The AROMA series of grinders, including the AROMA-2 and AROMA-3 models, are the flagship products of Old Mate Designs. These grinders stand out due to their ultra-sharp, threadless grinding system and CNC-machined premium quality. The AROMA-3, for instance, features a top section with replaceable and durable bearings, and a middle section dedicated to efficient grinding.

The design of these grinders is particularly noteworthy. They have a unique lid opening system designed for ease of use, which is a significant aspect of their product line. This design makes the opening process straightforward, involving a simple lift-up motion for the top plate and a clamshell-like opening for the bottom plate in the case of the AROMA-3.

Old Mate Designs ships internationally, offering their products to a wide range of countries, reflecting their global reach and appeal.

Overall, Old Mate Designs is recognized for its focus on quality, innovative design, and user-friendly features in their aromatherapy equipment, particularly their grinders. This makes them a notable choice for those seeking premium aromatherapy tools that combine functionality with style.

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