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Introducing MasonBrite

MasonBrite was founded with the aim of providing a valuable display jar solution for growers, dispensary owners, and cannabis connoisseurs. Recognizing the longstanding use of mason jars as stash jars since 1858, MasonBrite sought to innovate in this space.

Flagship Product

The company's main product is designed to fit various sizes of wide-mouth mason jars, ranging from 4 oz to 128 oz. This product is tailored to enhance the display quality of cannabis flower, making it ideal for both commercial and personal use.

Parent Company

MasonBrite is a venture of Emperor FBA, which has been manufacturing products for businesses globally since 2010. Emperor FBA's portfolio includes work with brands like LA Kush, KookiJar, Ignite Cannabis, Ballpark Franks, and Hershey.

Product Line

In addition to its flagship product, MasonBrite is also developing a range of innovative products, promising to bring more exciting offerings to the market.

MasonBrite's approach to combining traditional storage methods with modern display technology demonstrates their innovative spirit in the cannabis accessories market

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