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In the evolving landscape of online retail, Daily High Club has emerged as a distinctive presence since its establishment in 2021. Based in Long Beach, California, this online retailer offers a range of products tailored for Cannabis enthusiasts.

Subscription Boxes: A Unique Offering

Daily High Club is perhaps best known for its subscription box service. Among these, the "El Primo" box is particularly popular. These boxes are a combination of essentials and exclusive items, including air fresheners, cleaning products, and more. The appeal of these boxes lies in their monthly variety, catering to different preferences and needs.

Wide Product Selection

Beyond subscription services, Daily High Club's product range is extensive. This includes items like glassware, various types of vaporizers, and other accessories. Whether customers are looking for traditional tools or the latest innovations in the field, Daily High Club seems to provide a broad spectrum of choices.

Focus on Quality and Design

Daily High Club emphasizes the quality and design of its products. Collaborations with well-known figures in the industry to create unique pieces suggest a commitment to offering items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their approach seems to balance practicality with modern design trends.

Customer Experience and Services

The company extends various services and policies to enhance customer experience. Promotions, discounts, and a 14-day return policy are part of their customer service framework. Their approach to customer care appears to be centered around providing a satisfactory shopping experience.


Daily High Club presents itself as a comprehensive online retailer catering to enthusiasts in the vaporizing and herbal experience space. With a variety of products and a unique subscription service, it offers a wide range of items to suit different tastes and preferences. The company's focus on quality, design, and customer service contributes to its positioning in the market.

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