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Design and Build Quality

The Chewy G3 is a portable electronic grinder designed to enhance the experience of grinding dry herbs. It is notable for its patented trigger-loading technology, ensuring a unique approach to grinding. The device can store up to 5 grams of dry herb, and its operation involves a single touch that drives the herb through 5 food-grade stainless steel uni-directional blades. This design ensures a fine and consistent grind, optimal for various uses. The G3 is also equipped with non-stick parts, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.

Performance and Efficiency

The Chewy G3 stands out for its quick and efficient grinding process, promising better results in half the time compared to traditional grinders. This efficiency is particularly noticeable in how it manages to reduce the mess typically associated with grinding dry herbs. Its non-stick ceramic-coated parts ensure minimal residue left behind, and a complimentary cleaning brush is included for easy maintenance. Additionally, it features a rechargeable 9V lithium battery, ensuring sustainable and long-lasting use.

Additional Features

The G3 comes in a standard and a Deluxe edition. The Deluxe edition includes extra features such as a stash tube for easy transfer of ground herbs and two filling cones of different sizes, facilitating easy packing of dry herbs. These features aim to enhance the overall convenience and user experience.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users have expressed mixed feedback about the Chewy G3. While the quality of build and design innovations are generally appreciated, some users have encountered issues with grinding efficiency, particularly when dealing with small quantities. The product's price point has also been a topic of discussion, with some users expecting more performance for the cost. However, its ease of use and compactness have been positively noted.


The Chewy G3 grinder is a modern and innovative approach to grinding dry herbs. While it offers unique features and a high-quality build, potential buyers should consider user feedback regarding its performance with different quantities and its cost-effectiveness. This device could be a valuable addition for those seeking a convenient, less messy, and efficient grinding experience, those with certain dexterity issues, or anyone just looking for a grinder that's a little unique.

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