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What is CCELL?

CCELL is a technology used in vaporizers, particularly known for its innovative approach to handling thick oil-based concentrates. Developed and patented in 2014, CCELL technology became commercially available in 2016. The core feature of this technology is a ceramic coil that replaced traditional cotton or silica wicks, which were not efficient for viscous oils.

What is CCELL Best Known for?

The effectiveness of the CCELL ceramic coil lies in its porous nature. This porosity is achieved by blending the ceramic material with organic particles that burn away during firing, leaving behind a solid cylinder with thousands of tiny holes. This structure allows for the efficient absorption and vaporization of oils, leading to an enhanced vaping experience with improved flavor quality and consistency.

CCELL Products

CCELL's innovation is also reflected in their continuous product development and improvements. The company's R&D team focuses on enhancing aspects like efficiency, heat distribution, and vapor consistency. Safety features and sustainable solutions are also key considerations in their product design.

CCELL vaporizers are divided into several categories:

510-Thread Batteries: These are rechargeable devices designed to work with pre-filled or refillable vape cartridges. They are known for their affordability and compatibility with a wide range of cartridges.

Pod Systems: These devices are intended for use with either empty or pre-filled pods. Pod systems are often more compact than 510-thread batteries and are designed to work exclusively with compatible pods.

Disposable Vapes: These are either pre-filled or empty and are ready to use straight out of the package. They are designed for convenience and are disposed of once the oil runs out.

CCELL's impact on the vaporizer market is significant due to its advancements in technology, particularly in the efficient handling of oil-based concentrates. Their products are used in various settings and have become a notable name in the vaporizer technology space.

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