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The Venty vaporizer is a device known for its rapid performance and unique adjustable airflow capability. Capable of delivering airflow up to 20 liters/minute, this vaporizer also heats up in a mere 20 seconds. Its design incorporates both convection and conduction, ensuring the delivery of rich vapor clouds. Additonally, it features integrated boost superboost temperature settings. The VENTY is powered by two internal Lithium-Ion batteries.

Venty Features & Traits


What Comes with the Venty?

  • Venty Vaporizer
  • Filling Chamber Tool
  • USB-C Cable (Type C to Type C)
  • Normal Screen (x2)
  • Coarse Screen (x3)
  • Cooling Unit Screen (x2)
  • O-Ring 9 x 1.5mm
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual

Venty Pricing

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$449 USD

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$693 AUD

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€421 EUR

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$617 CAD

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$755 NZD

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£360 GBP

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Venty Specifications

Find out what you can expect if you decide to pick up the Venty


Storz & Bickel

Device Type


Heating Type


Warm Up Time

~20 seconds

Temperature Range

40°C - 210°C

Power Adjustment




Charge Time

80% charge in 40 minutes

Bluetooth / App


Battery Type

Internal Non-Swappable Lithium-Ion









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Venty FAQs

How do you adjust the airflow when using the Venty?

To use the Venty vaporizer's adjustable airflow, first locate the Setting Wheel on the device. If you want to set it to the lowest airflow setting, turn the Setting Wheel to one notch where the opening is almost closed. For a medium airflow setting, adjust the Setting Wheel to two notches, leaving the opening half open. For a full airflow or to have the best access for cleaning, turn the Setting Wheel to three notches, which will open the airflow completely.

What official optional accessories and consumables are available for the Venty?

- Wear & Tear Set
- Cooling Units
- Mouthpieces
- Screen Set, small
- Coarse Screens
- Normal Screens
- Seal Ring Set
- Herb Mill / Herb Mill XL
- Filling Chamber Tools
- Dosing Capsules
- Dosing Capsule Magazine
- Dosing Capsule Filling Set
- Cleaning Brushes
- USB-C Supercharger

How do you turn on the Venty from Storz & Bickel?

To activate the Venty vaporizer, press and hold the Power Button for at least half a second. When you do, the vaporizer will produce a brief vibration, and its display will illuminate. The Set Temperature will be shown in an orange hue, indicating the start of the heating process. This heating phase can take a minimum of 17 seconds, and its duration can be influenced by factors like battery charge, ambient temperature, and the contents of the Filling Chamber. Once the Base Temperature is achieved, the vaporizer will provide a double vibration as a cue and the display will transition to a green light, signaling it's ready for use.

How can you switch the Venty between Celcius and Fahrenheit?

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on the Venty vaporizer, press the plus and minus buttons at the same time and hold them for 3 seconds. The display will then toggle between the two temperature units, changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

When using the Venty vaporizer how do you adjust the brightness?

To adjust the backlight brightness on the Venty vaporizer, press and hold both the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Once done, the display backlight brightness can be adjusted through a range of levels from step 0 to 9.

Do you need a mobile device or smartphone to use app control for the Venty?

No, while mobile apps are available you can also utilize the web app version that can be used on laptops and other devices.

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Storz & Bickel Venty Vaporizer Cleaning Guide

Cooling Unit Maintenance:

  1. Inspect the Cooling Unit with Mouthpiece regularly. If deposits appear inside due to steam condensate, it requires cleaning at least every 7 days after use.
  2. Disassemble the Cooling Unit by removing the Mouthpiece, Seal Rings, Rotary Cap, Setting Wheel, and the Screen inside. Use the Filling Chamber Tool for assistance.
  3. For cleaning, there are two primary methods:
    • With Rinsing Water: Submerge all parts in warm rinsing water for five minutes, rinse them under running water for a minute, and let them dry completely.
    • With Isopropyl Alcohol: Soak all parts in isopropyl alcohol for no longer than half an hour, rinse under running water for a minute, and allow them to dry thoroughly. Note: Ensure the safety precautions associated with isopropyl alcohol are followed. Also, plastic parts should be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for a maximum of half an hour to avoid damage.
  4. Once cleaned, inspect all parts for any visible damages. Replace any compromised parts.
  5. Reassemble the Cooling Unit. Ensure the Seal Rings are seated correctly, and the Screen is placed in its designated groove. When assembling, the Seal Ring's "TOP" label should face upwards.

Filling Chamber Maintenance:

  1. Clean the Filling Chamber using a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. If the Screen becomes clogged, it needs replacement. Use the Filling Chamber Tool to push the Screen along its groove, causing it to bulge and detach.
  3. Clean the Screen with rinsing water or isopropyl alcohol.
  4. To reinsert, either bend the cleaned Screen or use a new one. Ensure the curved side faces upwards when placing it into the Filling Chamber. Flatten the Screen into its groove using the Filling Chamber Tool.

Vaporizer & USB-C Cable Maintenance:

  1. Ensure the Vaporizer is turned off and disconnected from any power source.
  2. Wipe down the Vaporizer's housing and the USB-C cable using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Remember never to immerse them in water or any other liquids.

By adhering to this cleaning routine, you ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Venty vaporizer.

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