FlowerPot Description

FlowerPot B1 & B2 are a popular ball vape that come in a variety of kits

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What Comes with the FlowerPot?

While Flowerpot Bundles can vary, below is an example of one. Check with your retailer or the manufacturer to confirm what you'll receive.

  • Vrod Head
  • Vrod 18 Hole Diffuser
  • Replacement Dish Nut
  • 28mm Nv SiC Dish
  • Universal Insulated Carb Cap
  • FP Shovelhead Bowl
  • FP Solid Handle
  • 14mm Male Connection Post
  • Ti Screens (x3)
  • Basic Stand
  • Heat Post
  • Single PID Controller
  • E-Nail Handle
  • 20mm NV Coil
  • Power cord.

FlowerPot Specifications

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Cannabis Hardware

Country of Manufacture

United States

FlowerPot Prices

Below are approximate prices for the FlowerPot in various different currencies. These numbers are based on the average market rate for the device and are updated as regularly as possible.

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$550 USD

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$904 AUD

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€550 EUR

Canadian Flag

$803 CAD

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